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New Life Licensed Rns and LVNs
New Life Home Health
New Life Skilled Nursing Services
New Life Home Health
New Life Teaching and Maintaining
New Life Home Health
New Life Diet Supervision
New Life Home Health
New Life Hourly Care
New Life Home Health
New Life Attendant and Personal Care Services
New Life Home Health
New LifeSupervisory Evaluations
New Life Home Health
New Life Comprehsnsive assessments
New Life Smart Patient Care
Tele Health Home Monitoring

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Acute Care  - Home Health Therapies


Skilled Nursing
Skilled nursing care is intermittent care that can only be performed by Licensed Nurses. Types of care may include insulin administration, Patient Self-Care education, catheter care, and ostomy care.


  • Comprehensive RN Physical Assessments

  • Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapies

  • LVN Skilled Nursing Home Visits

  • Diabetic Teaching and Insulin Administration

  • Blood Work

  • Wound Care Treatment

  • Diet Supervision

Physical Therapy:
 Includes exercise and training on how to regain movement and strength in a body area, and how to safely and effectively use training equipment towards attaining this goal.  Training includes activities of daily living such as the proper use and techniques of getting in and out of a wheel chair or bathtub. 


Speech Therapy: (pathology service)
Treatment provided to regain and strengthen speech skills.  Evaluate and treat swallowing disorders.


Occupational Therapy:
Promoting independence with activities of daily living.  Examples would be new ways to eat, put on clothes, and brush hair. 


Medical Social Worker:
Services designed to help with social and emotional concerns related to an illness.  This involves counseling or help in finding resources in the community.  


Acute Care Division is owned and operated by All Valley Health Care, Inc.

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