2115 Lott Rd. Donna, Tx 78537 - 916 W. Nolana Loop, Pharr, TX 78577
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Services Provided
New Life Licensed Rns and LVNs
New Life Home Health
New Life Skilled Nursing Services
New Life Home Health
New Life Teaching and Maintaining
New Life Home Health
New Life Diet Supervision
New Life Home Health
New Life Hourly Care
New Life Home Health
New Life Attendant and Personal Care Services
New Life Home Health
New LifeSupervisory Evaluations
New Life Home Health
New Life Comprehsnsive assessments
New Life Smart Patient Care
Tele Health Home Monitoring

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Honeywell HomMed LifeStreamTM Platform

The new LifeStream platform offers anytime, anywhere secured access to your patients’ personal health data, enabling smart patient care and help improve outcomes.


This open standards-based platform and web-enabled technology power the
innovative Honeywell HomMed telehealth ecosystem, leveraging the most advanced tools to seamlessly access patient health data and turn it into essential information to better manage better patient. Read More

Honeywell HomMed GenesisTM DM remote patient care monitor

Web-based and content-rich, the new Genesis™ DM is the latest generation of
the industry’s best-selling monitor. With over 40,000 monitors in service worldwide, we provide the most complete remote biometric and symptom evaluation available.


Genesis DM is seamlessly integrated into the innovative new Honeywell HomMed LifeStream™ telehealth platform, providing web-enabled, on-demand access to disease-specific symptom management (DSSM), customizable by diagnosis and symptoms.


This telehealth device measures heart rate, blood pressure, and weight, and provides customizable subjective disease-related queries for a more complete picture of an individual’s health. Automated set up and automatic patient engagement with a friendly voice and easy-to-use interface guide the patient at every step. Read More





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