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Services Provided
New Life Licensed Rns and LVNs
New Life Home Health
New Life Skilled Nursing Services
New Life Home Health
New Life Teaching and Maintaining
New Life Home Health
New Life Diet Supervision
New Life Home Health
New Life Hourly Care
New Life Home Health
New Life Attendant and Personal Care Services
New Life Home Health
New LifeSupervisory Evaluations
New Life Home Health
New Life Comprehsnsive assessments
New Life Smart Patient Care
Tele Health Home Monitoring

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Honeywell HomMed LifeStreamTM Platform

The new LifeStreamTM platform offers anytime, anywhere secured access to patients’ personal health data, enabling smart patient care.


This open standards-based platform and web-enabled technology power the
innovative Honeywell HomMed telehealth ecosystem, leveraging the most advanced tools to seamlessly access patient health data and turn it into essential information to better manage patients.

With the LifeStream platform, remote care flows smoothly

LifeStream for usability
A redesigned user interface is easier to work with, enhancing your productivity.


• Single-click access to your most frequently used workflow items
• New toolbar icons enhance workflow
• Easy-to-use “Spell check” and “Find” functions
• Customizable dictionaries by diagnosis, insurer, medication and care provider


LifeStream for security
Now you have disaster recovery, business continuance, and the support of important tools such as application failover to guarantee the safety of, and access to, patients’ personal health data.


• Multiple levels of Honeywell security for data protection
• Encryption, providing additional data safety
• Security monitoring to identify attempted intrusion
• Additional security of two physical locations for data storage


LifeStream for interoperability

Say goodbye to logging in and out of several applications just to do your job. We’re committed to seamlessly integrating critical applications within a single platform to improve your workflow.


• HL7 interface engine for easy communication among platforms for increased workflow efficiency
• One location to admit all patients
• Reduction in errors caused by duplicate entry
• Complete and accurate healthcare records are easier to maintain


LifeStream for data mobility
Your data is as mobile as you are, far beyond the confines of any facility.

• Web-enabled technology allows secure access to clinical applications anywhere there’s an Internet connection
• Clinical viewer to easily access patient data
• VitalsManager patient viewer enables patients and family members to conveniently track health status


For more information visit www.hommed.com





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